STAR Framework: ePOD / Mobile Worker

logo Electronic Proof of Delivery

What is Mobile Worker?

STAR Framework: Mobile Worker brings your business to the doorstep of your customers by integration with CALIDUS EPOD. EPOD, Electronic Proof of Delivery, provides customers and organisations with real-time information on product collections/deliveries, signatures, date/time/location data, asset tracking and even photo evidence of damage.

Whether you are delivering products and services Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B), complete visibility and accurate order tracking are vital for any organisation.

What can Mobile Worker do for me?

  • Plan your jobs in advance and allocate resources
  • Share jobs across multiple manifests
  • Manage your resources and accomodate unavailability
  • Track and trace your job through the full life-cycle
  • Capture signatures for proof of collection/delivery/service
  • Capture key performance indicator metrics for your mobile workforce and identify weaknesses
  • Provide your customers with real-time information and more accurate time-frames

For more information, or to request a demonstration of what STAR Framework can offer your business, then please get in touch with us through our Contact Form.